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How does the size of my shipment effect the cost?
Courier shipments are charged on the greater of actual mass or volumetric weight, both measured in kilograms.

The measurement of actual mass is made by way of a scale.

The Measurement of volumetric weight is made by way of a calculation that converts the volume (ie. size of parcel) into a kilogram equivalent, this equivalent if greater than the Actual Mass will be the basis upon which the per kilogram charge is made.

The greater of Actual Mass and Volumetric weight is referred to as the Chargeable Mass.

To calculate volumetric weight:

simply measure the parcel/box (remember to package the parcel before measuring as packaging can increase the size) in centimetres and then multiply the three dimensions and divide by the volumetric conversion factor applicable to the service requested, giving the volumetric weight in kilograms.

For example:


45cm x 50cm x 42cm = 18.9 KG’S (Remember to round up) / 5000

The actual mass is 15 kg’s and the volumetric weight is 19 kg’s, therefore the chargeable mass is 19 kg’s.
How do I calculate the volume size of my shipment?
The simplest way is to use our Volume explained above; again if you are unsure please contact our Customer Service team directly.
What happens if I send a shipment exceeding the weight or size limits?
You are liable to surcharges on any extra weight; overweight items may cause considerable delay and/or damage to both yours and other people’s parcels if sent on standard services. If unpaid surcharges are not paid to EParcel within 2 days of invoice the debt will automatically be passed over to our Insolvency Partner.
How can I maximise the chances of a smooth delivery with EParcel?
The vast majority of EParcel services have a label which you must print of before the completion of your order; this will ensure as smooth a delivery as possible. If you are using a service without a label or do not have access to a printer a full written address or delivery label is essential, large capital text is preferred, placing extra emphasis on the postcode; this will prevent misroutes leading to late deliveries. Our parcel system is postcode driven so postcodes have to be 100% accurate. If you do not use the electronic waybills for whatever reason, and fill in a waybill, you MUST inform EParcel with the Waybill Number of the waybill you completed before 18:00 on the day of the shipment pickup. If you fail to inform us in time a admin surcharge of R300 will be charged, and the tracking of the parcel will not be available.
What is a regional area?
A regional area is any Town or City in South Africa that is not catered for via a daily flight schedule. In order for this to be possible the area must be within the delivery range of a recognised Airport. All regional areas will have a delay in the delivery time, as most of these areas are not serviced daily.
Are the prices displayed for shipments subject to change without notification?
Should the actual weights and dimensions of the consignment differ to those given when the collection is requested, and /or the consignment exceeds the chargeable mass stipulated, EParcel reserves the right to re-cost the shipment and charge out accordingly.
Should I wish to cancel my order, is the full payment refunded?
No, a 10% or R100, whichever is the highest, admin fee will be levied for cancellations and deducted from the refund.
Are my goods insured when I use the EParcel service?
eParcel does not provide insurance on any shipments. For insurance please contact your current insurer for more information on in transit insurance for your shipment.
How can I monitor the status of my package through its delivery journey?
If you have printed your label during the EParcel order process your Tracking number will be on this label. If you are unsure about this you can contact our Customer Service for advice. If you have written your address on the parcel and have not printed the label; you will be given an Tracking number when the driver collects your parcel; this can be used on the EParcel site under the tracking page.
I am trying to track my parcel online, however the system has not updated my information. Why?
Due to system enhancements to improve our services we occasionally experience delays in information availability; we apologise for this. If you contact EParcel Customer Services we will attempt to track your parcel by alternative means available. If you parcel is showing no updates after 24 hours please contact us immediately.
What happens if I send more parcels than declared online in my booking?
You must inform us on the day of collection; failure to do so will result in non discounted charges of R150.00 p/kg + VAT per parcel. The parcel will be held back for delivery until full payment for the shipment has been received.
How do I know if my goods are packaged adequately for the EParcel service?
Use new cartons for parcel dispatches as second hand cartons become weaker the more times they are handled; we recommend triple corrugation for packages and remember to provide internal protection. Every care is taken to ensure your parcels are handled correctly, however standard transit knocks do occur on the back of moving vehicles and on the conveyer belt system, therefore internal protection and a strong box is mandatory in order to be covered for damage on our services. We strongly suggest polystyrene protection for heavier items.
What are the item/product restrictions of the EParcel service?
Please refer to our prohibited items; we are unable to send any items on this list, if you are unsure of anything you wish to send please contact Customer Service for further confirmation.
Will a package be collected/delivered if there is nobody at the address?
Collections and deliveries only take place if a signature is available; as service are signed for services; this is why we are unable to deliver to a PO Box addresses. If there is nobody to receive the item the driver will leave a card and the online tracking will display the information. You can contact the depot on the card if there is not a number on the card please contact the EParcel Customer Service. It’s important that you check your online tracking for delivery information because a parcel will only be held for around 3-4working days before it is returned to sender and additional charges will be imposed to resend the item.
What is the liability of signing for a package?
When you are signing for a package you are signing that the delivery has been ‘received in good condition’. Once this is signed transit cover is then deemed void. If the external packaging is in good condition then there should be no reason to sign for the package as damaged. A parcel that has sustained damages with no external signs of damage is due to poor internal packaging and is not covered. If the parcels packaging is damaged on delivery please mark ‘damaged’ on the delivery note. Please be aware that packages marked ‘unchecked’ will not be accepted for a damage claim.
Where and how do I make a claim(s) for either loss or damage?
All claim forms MUST be sent to the EParcel office by post; any claim sent directly to the carrier will be rejected. You can find claim forms by going to claims. There are specific deadlines and documents for claims which if not adhered to will result in claims rejections; we suggest you contact us within 3 days of any suspicion of loss or damage so we can best advise you.
What details do we require to submit a claim through EParcel?
You will need to send a copy of the manifest which will have been left by the driver when the package was collected, a receipt/invoice relating to the cost of the parcel and a claim form with all details and a brief version of events. This is stipulated by our Carriers and for this reason we can’t accept incomplete claims. Please contact us immediately about any uncertainty with claims
What is the time scale to submit any claims for loss or damage?
All claims MUST be in the EParcel office within 14 days from the date of dispatch; High Value goods claims must by processed within 7 days of date of dispatch. These time frames are imposed by the Carriers we use and as such we aren’t able to alter these in anyway.
Should I retain the damaged item that I wish to claim for?
Any item that is being claimed for against damage MUST be kept as there may be a requirement to inspect the item for inspection or for salvage; the item needs to be kept until the claim has been settled.
Does EParcel deliver to a Post Box?
No. We can only deliver a parcel to an address where someone can sign for the parcel.