About Us!

1. We're big. eparcel.co.za is a product of Gobi Logistics.We have clients all over South Africa shipping 1000s of parcels a month
2. We're sophisticated. We actively work on our online product to ensure it grows and becomes easier and better all the time.
3. We've got big partners. We can assist in anything from a same day courier to economy or wine shipments nationally and internationally!
4. We're first. We were the first online parcel delivery service in South Africa to offer a variety of courier services to match your needs.
5. We're recommended. Our users recommend us to family and friends.We dont advertise we believe that our service to you ensures you tell everyone!
6. We try harder. If there's anything you'd like to suggest, let us know and we'll try our best to make it happen.
7. We're really nice people :) Our business philosophy is rooted in people and everyone is treated the same with respect and honesty, as we would like to be treated!
8. We are not newbies. Because we are not a courier ourselves but in a sense a client of the couriers we hold them to there services. This means you have a team of experts in courier business with years of experience in how they work, full time looking after your shipment to ensure it gets there!
9. Our product. eParcel is unique. And also so is our software. we have developed a system that actively 24/7 tracks your shipment. If it sees that something is not right we are notified and we will in 99% of the time ensure that your parcel gets there without issues. Ths is because we are pro active and not re active. In the end we are also clients :) so have the same expectation as you do.