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shipping your international courier documents with eParcel.co.za

express document parcel service for South African clients to the world

Experienced courier

Did you know that eParcel has been shipping documents overseas for more than 10 years?

As the leading online courier service, we also offer international document delivery, servicing over 150 countries and territories throughout the world.

We offer a bundle of express courier services solutions. Complete the section above to start with your worldwide courier quote!

Specialist in delivery

When you ship with eParcel.co.za – you’re shipping with specialists in international delivery services! With our wide range of express services and tracking solutions to assist you – eParcel is the one for your delivery to the world!

Easy online service

eParcel.co.is an online courier, shipping documents for clients all over South Africa to their destinations around the world. We are also online for all your needs so just go ahead and email us or pop us a question!